Success like all other skills can also be learnt. In fact it should be an important part of child education. The million dollar question is how to teach children to succeed?

Here’s the answer.

Help your children to develop the qualities required to succeed. The habits, the style of thinking, the way of behavior which attracts success, can be easily taught to children.

After all, children have more curiosity and better grasping power than adults.

What are the qualities that help children become successful?

The first and foremost is the belief ‘I Can.’ “I can become successful… I can do it.” This kind of confident self-belief should be nurtured in children.


B.K. Narayan, author of Success Mindware,‘ a complete self development course for children, suggests following technique to build confident self-image in children.

“You can build Success Self-image in your children on the strength of each little success which they have achieved till today,” says Narayan. “Here’s how you do it,” he continues, “sit with your children and together recount their past success.” For example:

• Your son scored good grades in a spelling test ( this shows your child has ability to learn and remember)

• Gets up on time for school (this shows punctuality)

• Behaved politely with guest last week (shows he has good manners)

• Came third in running race (shows he is fit and can do better)

• Can colour well (shows he has artistic mind)…
“Like this count your child’s every little success. You would be amazed at how long list you get once you start counting! Also be sure to emphasize to your child the qualities present behind each success, just as I have shown with each example in the bracket. Point out to your child that he achieved those successes because he possessed those good qualities which are found in successful people,” says B.K. Narayan.

This simple method helps to build a confident self-image, without fail, as your child gets the proof of its ability. No doubt. No hesitation.

Apart from ‘I can’ do belief, children should also be taught how to control their emotions.

Emotions are like high-voltage thoughts. Fear, anger, anxiety, all these are intense emotions. Teach your children to control their emotions with simple breathing technique.

Few minutes of slow, deep breathing helps to calm down the emotionally charged mind. Even 5 to 6 slow deep breaths help.

But this is not enough.

Once a mind calms down a bit, it should be reined in further with proper affirmation technique. Yeah, affirmation technique is not just for adults. They are so simple that children can also use it easily.

Teach your children to mentally repeat simple affirmations to control their emotions. Here are examples of affirmation which you can suggest to your children:

“I am feeling better. I am calm now.”

“I am cool and calm. I am in control.”

Teach your children to silently repeat affirmation few times until it makes them feel better.

How well your children learn to change their behavior is also an important quality needed for success.

Smart people know how to modify their behavior to achieve particular goal. But how to change behavior?

Changing behavior involves changing habits. Encourage your children to develop useful habits which will automatically lead to development of good behavior.

Another important quality for success is how your children cope with a given situation in life.

Like adults, children also face different situations in school, in play ground, in home, etc. Children should be taught to handle a given task or situation effectively, and with least problem.

How do you teach this to your children?

The best way is, you become role model for them.

Show your children through your efficient actions and cool decisions on how to handle day to day problems or unpleasant situations that may arise suddenly. This would guide your children to behave in similar fashion.

After all, it is said that children rarely listen to what we say but learn from observing our behavior.

With proper training and patient guidance, you can give your children the best gift… the ability to succeed in their life.

As the opening lines of the United Nation’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child says, “Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give… “

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